January 02, 2011

so much of 2010. much more will comes along in 2011

Assalamualaikum peeps!
here we go again. saying goodbye to the so called last year :)
unlike saying my goodbye to last after year which i think the saddest year for me.

well well 2010! So much happening and the best part is, it's all in the good way!

now, let me be as fast as i can just to recall my good 2o1o memories ocay?

1) My family welcome our new beloved sister/daughter in law :)

and few month later we got the good news!

2) we're expecting a new born in April 2011!

3) my vacation with my six best friends!

4) i've completed my degree! yeay! alhamdulillah!

5) not just that! i got!
A! for my thesis!

the good news continue towards the end of 2010.

6) i was accepted as an employee of a Japanese electronics factory in Shah Alam! and i am a software engineer now!

7) and finally the good news that come along in 2010 is that i was told that the examiner who examine my final year thesis recommend her student to use my report as references. Her student text me the other day and what else can i say? it's my biggest pleasure to share my work with her. alhamdulillah.

2010 is really a year to remember. it is a good year :) and i really hope so good things will still coming along in 2011~! yeaah! im looking forward for it :)

till then people! xoxo!

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