December 05, 2010

the art of rejection :)

i can hear the clock ticking. slowly.
everything was like stopping. for a second i forgot to breath.
i was to busy trying to have my eyes on a glimpse of an angel.
i thought it was but then in the middle of the crowd i realize it was not an angel.
but. you.

if i was asked, what so special about you.
there will be a silent answer from me. nothing.
there is something that really make me keep thinking about you.
since the first time we talked. i kinda believed that you're different.
at night i wish to the stars. may be dia malaikat kecil ku.

someone that i can call-up to.
hey, you dahmakan?
hey, jom friday midnight movies?
hey , you dah tidur?
hey, kenapa you sedih.
hey, i'm here for you. for better or for worst.


it turns out we're two different person.
you stole my heart dear but i know we never meant to be together.
i am here and you're there. with someone else. who really meant for.
i hope he gonna make you the happiest person. so that i can be happy.
that is the art of rejection. it brought me a little bit down to earth.
and able to keep a little bit of heaven. seeing you happy and smiling.

you stole my heart. like an angel. beautiful and loved. but can never be touched.

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