December 08, 2009

ini lah aku.

hey all!
lama aku menyepi dan skarang aku kembali.
seperti yang dulu bukan?
been there, done that! haha!

aku cuma ingin mengucap terima kasih kepada "silent reader" here at my blog and this one guy send me a message through an online profile website and here what he said,

message 1.
How are you adik Wan.
there are people who would disagree with you stand on how you look at life. But then again, it is ALRIGHT to AGREE to DISAGREE. Salute man, for being up front and living your life to the fullest. Carpe Diem!

After UITM, AUSTRALI, New Zealand or The States?

Invicibly Ryan. Tongue. I look up to people like you. May each day I become bolder like you. :)

message 2.
Adik Wan, I still try to balance to my personal and public life. A feat not easy to do. I did reach my lowest point life and that was not easy to come out of it. You are a damn FEISTY FIGHTER. ( i know and i think you also know that our family and friends(maybe some and not all) were and are there for us. And thanks to The Highest Being up there to be our guide whom we always so naughty and go astray. [ i have made a conclusion that none in this world is perfect. our family is the first one who can accept our imperfection UNCONDITIONALLY] chewah. abang macam berhujah aja di sini.

I know I have lots more to learn from this life. For me, I still bump into the hard walls at my age. but when i read your blog you somehow lift my SEMANGAT up. To live life to the fullest. For that, I ADMIRE you for being who you are.

I did choose my path in life a different course. I do think that this is the best for now. Yest again, I hope the path is clear at the end of the tunnel. Big Smile.

Dear ryan!
first of all im so glad that what i've wrote here do lift your SEMANGAT and about being fiesty fighter i think we all are. we have to do what is right for our own self and yes we make mistakes and that is how life is. we learn from our mistakes and at the end of the day, those mistakes is what our self had become today.

to me, my self is precious and i will never ever let anyone take advantage of it and no one can ever stop me from being me. i mean who else gonna stand up for ourselves if it not you yourself? i just dont give a damn what people gonna say about me because those people is the one who's living in denial! to them everyone is and should be perfect but no. no one is because in life, we made mistakes and one day, the mistakes will be open our heart accept that life should not be this way but it should be that way. or we do realize that what we're doing is a mistake but we all need time to make it better. it is just the matter of time.

my point is, just let people accept you for who you're that they're loving you but you're trapped in your mind and soul crying for not able to be your self. other people wont hurt. but you will.

and to all and everyone who've been reading my blog thank you so much! as i said this is the story of my life. its my experience with my family, friends and love. This is it. so much ups as well as down. i am what i am. the past thought me to be a better person today. stand up for your self because no one else will.

POPSTAR/Dik Wan/ Awan / Wan

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