March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me! Dear Mum and Dad..

Yeay! Im 23 Today!
Years ago i was just a kid who only knows mummy, daddy , abg kir and my little brother Syafiq! Also my babysitter who i call mak cik and a few friends from the kindergarten!
That my world!

I still remember when i was 9 i begged my mum to throw me a birthday bash and invite all of my friend in my class!
Yes mummy..i still remember that day! It was my best! Having a mum like you is world to me! When i grow up..i know that im not the best of three but i tried so hard to be one.
i FIGHT A LOT! with my mum and dad because i was angry that i felt like..i've tried so damn hard but i felt like my mum didnt see it..i just stop talking to them like weeks! ='( i love my mum and dad so much but they're like giving all the priority to the other two Mohd. I was hurt. I was hurt that i put my friends as my priority. Mummy and daddy..both of you were admited to the hospital one day...daddy for pneumonia and u mummy for Dengue..i was so worry then and i start to think who else i have if i dont have you guys!

But now im all grown up mummy, daddy..
i was so young and im unable to think wisely..
Im so thankful for having you..
all the sacrifice that you have done...may be no one else can see that..even the other two Mohd but Mummy, Daddy..I Do..and i truly Love both of you..Thank you for having me in this beautiful world! Im your big boy now.. I may not be the best of three but one day you gonna be proud of me..I LOVE YOU! Cant wait to meet you guys this Saturday! And thank you for the present..

To all my friends and rox! Thank you so much! you guys are world to me!

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